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Posted on 18 Jul, 2021
Closing on 27 Jul, 2021

Job Description


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an International, independently funded, non-profit, humanitarian medical organization that offers assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural and manmade disasters and to victims of armed conflict without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, creed or political affiliation. MSFH is pleased to announce the following position based in Sanaa: 


  • Generic Function:  LOGISTICS SPECIALIST
  • Code:   LS02601
  • Level:  8   (E)

Position in the Organization

  • Reports to (Hierarchical):  Logistics Coordinator
  • Reports to (Functional):  IT and/or Telecom HQ referent(s)/ Regional Technical Referent (if applicable)
  • Job Family:  Logistics and Supply
  • Supervises (Function): ICT supervisor

Main Purpose

Planning, coordinating and ensuring the autonomous implementation, maintenance, follow-up and monitoring of all IT and Telecom equipment, tools and services, as well as ensuring onsite technical support and training of users and Logistic experts in the mission, in accordance with MSF standards, policies and protocols, in order to guarantee the efficient use of all IT and Telecom services and infrastructure. Providing an appropriate high-level technical support to his/her Logistics Coordinator. 


  • Monitoring, maintaining and following up on all Information Technology (IT) and Telecom equipment, tools and services in the mission, in accordance with MSF standards, policies, protocols and procedures, as well as actual and future needs;
  • Adapting and ensuring compliance of general IT and Telecom policies, guidelines, and documents in order to meet mission’s specific needs, as well as ensuring their implementation to enable the development of the mission in perfect working conditions upon validation from the Logistics Coordinator;
  • Preparing and collaborating in the establishment of the annual budget of the IT and Telecom families. Providing his/her technical expertise in the local purchase process. Preparing all technical content related to national tenders for IT and Telecom deployment and participating in the selection;
  • Supervising, implementing and improving data security protocols (data saving, firewall, user access right, backup, equipment and software security, etc.) to ensure data security, availability, and immediate operational recovery and continuity in case of emergency [in case ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Supervisor(s) is/are not present in the project/mission];
  • Supervising, leading and delegating tasks to the ICT Supervisor(s). Participating in the recruitement process with the support of the HR Department, the Logistics Coordinatorr and the HQ Technical Referent(s);
  • Providing technical support and presenting MSF standards, policies, protocols and procedures to all users. Providing advanced technical support to logistics experts dealing with IT and Telecom systems. When needed, liaise with HQ Technical Referent(s) for 2nd line support, as well as with external providers, to ensure any incidents or problems that cannot be solved at the mission level are appropriately escalated;
  • Providing educational support (briefing, training and support, etc.) to all users. Providing advanced educational support (briefing, training and support, etc.) to logistics experts dealing with IT and Telecom systems;
  • Following up, participating in regular reports at coordination level in accordance with MSF guidelines and reporting on the work’s progress and on all IT and Telecom technical aspects of the work. Updating and archiving all user and ICT related documentation due to changes in the IT and Telecom infrastructures;
  • Planning, preparing and reporting the visits to the site(s) under his/her responsibility to ensure the preceding points;
  • Performing any other tasks specific to his/her area of specialty, as defined in his/her job description and according to the line manager. 

MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities


  • Together with the Logistics Coordinator, analyze the ICT needs of the mission, draw up ICT budget, and design an adapted strategy aiming to optimize the investment on information and communication technology. 
  • Compares the quality of equipment, software, and internet providers/services, in order to optimize purchasing decisions and to ensure proper local assistance. 
  • Identify and implement Information management practices to enhance the mission system’s effectiveness and reliability (development, check-up, deployment of applications, systems or new ITC standards, etc.). 
  • Plan and provide network security to ensure that appropriate access control is use internally on the LAN/WLANs, and to prevent intrusions. 
  • Provide 2nd  and, in case of no presence of field ICT assistants on the field, 1st  level help desk support and training to users (on software, hardware, telecom problems, etc.) in order to satisfy their needs, ensure fluent communications in the mission as well as the correct use, maintenance and running of IT equipment’s and networks. 
  • Manage and in case of no presence of field ICT assistants, provide corrective and preventive maintenance activities (checkup, cleaning, etc.), managing and updating a small stock of spare parts and replacing obsolete materials when necessary, of ICT environments, telecom and hardware equipment’s, according to MSF policies and procedures in place at any time. 
  • Manage and, in case of no presence of field ICT assistants, provide updating and upgrading activities in order to ensure that all the users and their equipment’s on the network standardized with respect to virus protection, software, hardware, and network configuration. 
  • Ensure questions and problems related to ICT are solve (if appropriate, according to MSF policies and procedures in force at any time). Register, report, and refer unsolved questions and problems, as well as unusual requests, to the respective support units in order to actively provide solutions and ensure quality standards.
  • Manage and, in case of no presence of field ICT assistants, execute security management protocols (backups, anti-malware updates, and software patching, firewall protection, radio, protection etc.) in order to ensure an immediate operational recovery, continuity, and data security availability in case of emergency. 
  • Train the Biomed technician on daily maintenance tasks and first level support, in order to improve ICT staff capabilities and lead time response.
  • Knowledge and experience with Fortinet, Virtualization [Hyper-v], Windows Server is considered an asset.
  • Plan and organized schedule’s for the ICT and Biomed technician to visit the projects location for support.     
  • Staffs are not allow to chew QAT during working hours.
  • Under no circumstances are firearms/weapons allowed in MSF vehicles or on MSF premises.

The above-mentioned activities and responsibilities are not exhaustive, and staff may be assigned additional responsibilities or tasks as required.


  • Essential university or technical school diploma. Certification in network or server administration would be an asset.


  • Preferably 5 years of proven experience in IT or technical functions 


  • Preferably B1-B2 English.


  • Expertise in latest version of Microsoft Operating System and business applications (Office365)
  • Understanding of Server Management (latest version of Microsoft Operating System, Active directory) and virtualization (Hyper-V)
  • Good knowledge in Network Administration (LAN, VLAN, network policies and protocols)
  • Good knowledge of computer’s hardware and maintenance process, IT security best practices and IT service management tools (ITSM)
  • Understanding of radio telecommunication concept (HF, VHF, GSM, satellite)
  • Teaching and supporting skills 


  • Results and Quality Orientation 
  • Teamwork and Cooperation 
  • Behavioural Flexibility 
  • Commitment to MSF Principles 
  • Stress Management 

How to Apply

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