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Posted on 08 May, 2024
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Job Description

Job Description

Part (1): Job Specification

Job Title

Case Management Officer




Sana’a – AL-Hodeida – Raymah  


10 months



ADO Overview


Abs Development Organization for woman and Child (ADO) is a well-established national, humanitarian, developmental, non-profit and non-governmental organization, founded in August 1996 by a group of Yemeni girls to provide a better life for women, children, and youths. ADO has been operating in Yemen for more than 28 years with an outstanding coverage to the deprived rural areas located on the coast of Tehama and other various areas in Yemen aiming to get rid of poverty and infectious diseases. Since its inception, ADO has implemented over 213 developmental and humanitarian projects. According to ADO latest cumulative statistics, by end of the year 2021, a total of  6,695,412 people were benefited from these interventions. Consequently, the organization has established itself among the most effective civil society organizations in Yemen that are working on issues related to livelihood, health, education, and WASH supporting women, children, and youth. Operating from its Headquarter office in Sana’a, and through its branch offices in Al-Hodeidah, Hajjah, Abs, Raymah Taiz and Aden, ADO provides educational, health, livelihood and WASH services to urban and rural communities. As ADO believes that women are the essence of life, it has devoted all its activities and programs to empower and educate women who will lead to a modern and just state. ADO also believes that protecting and caring for children will result in a prosperous future; free from crime and terrorism. Furthermore, ADO believes that youth are the potential and driving force of any modern civil society.


Job objectives/ Scop

The Case Management Officer will play a crucial role in our Reducing Illness, Violence, and Abuse through Systematic Empowerment (RISE) project. This position is instrumental in leading the delivery of effective and confidential case management services aimed at providing protection to the most vulnerable women and children in Yemen, particularly those at risk of or survivors of gender-based violence (GBV). Working in conjunction with local health facilities, legal entities, and social services, the Case Management Officer will ensure that services are delivered in a survivor-centered, respectful, and confidential manner, aligning with both national guidelines and international best practices.

Reported to:

Project Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

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  1. Assessment and Evaluation:
    • Conduct comprehensive assessments of survivors' strengths, needs, and preferences through interviews, screenings, and evaluations based on WOMEN PROTECTION (GBV)case management guidelines and SOPs.
    • Gather relevant information from survivors, related affected family members, caregivers, and other stakeholders to develop a holistic understanding of their situation related to WOMEN PROTECTION (GBV)issues.
    • Identify potential risks, barriers, and challenges that may impact survivors well-being and ability to achieve desired outcomes, taking into account targeted locations context .
  2. Service Delivery and Case Management:
    • Lead the development and implementation of case management protocols and services, focusing on WOMEN PROTECTION (GBV)survivors, evaluations based on WOMEN PROTECTION (GBV)case management guidelines and SOPs.
    • Ensure that case management services are delivered according to international standards and are culturally and contextually appropriate.
    • Manage cases directly when required, ensuring a supportive, confidential, and empowering environment for survivors.
    • Regularly review and adapt case management practices based on feedback from service users and changes in the local context.
  3. Team Leadership and Development:
    • Recruit, train, and supervise case management staff and volunteers, ensuring they are well-prepared to provide high-quality services, evaluations based on recent updates from national WOMEN PROTECTION (GBV)AoR,  WOMEN PROTECTION (GBV)case management guidelines and SOPs.
    • Develop and facilitate ongoing training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of case management staff.
    • Create a supportive team environment with clear communication and opportunities for professional development.
  4. Collaboration and Coordination:
    • Work closely with MOSAL guidance on Women protection (GBV).
    • Establish and maintain strong relationships with all project stakeholders including local NGOs, government bodies, community leaders, and international partners.
    • Work closely with service providers, and social services to develop a cohesive network of support for WOMEN PROTECTION (GBV)survivors.
    • Coordinate with other service providers to establish clear referral pathways that enhance service accessibility and efficiency.
    • Participate in Women protection cluster meeting at national level and hub level with coordination with relevant protection manager and line manager.
  5. Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting:
    • Implement monitoring and evaluation systems to track the effectiveness of case management interventions.
    • Ensure accurate data collection and reporting in line with ethical standards to protect the confidentiality and safety of target groups.
    • Provide detailed and regular reports to the Senior Project on progress, challenges, and outcomes.
  6. Advocacy and Awareness:
    • Engage in advocacy efforts to promote the rights and needs of WOMEN PROTECTION (GBV)survivors within the community and among stakeholders.
    • Lead awareness campaigns to educate the community about GBV, its impact, and the services available for survivors.
    • Represent the organization in meetings, workshops, and conferences related to WOMEN PROTECTION (GBV)and protection issues, acting as a key spokesperson when necessary.
  7. Resource Management:
    • Oversee the allocation and utilization of resources for case management activities to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Develop and manage the case management budget, ensuring resources are used appropriately and transparently.
  8. Risk Management and Compliance:
    • Identify, assess, and respond to risks related to case management activities, ensuring the safety and well-being of both staff and beneficiaries.
    • Ensure all case management activities comply with national laws and organizational policies regarding WOMEN PROTECTION (GBV)and child protection.



Protection and safeguarding officer


Career Path/ Career Cluster


Protection / GBV


Part (2) person specification for this job


Experience and Qualifications

  • Educational Background: Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, Gender Studies, or a related field. Master’s degree preferred.
  • Experience: Minimum of 3 years of professional experience in case management, specifically in WOMEN PROTECTION (GBV)and/or child protection settings.
  • Proven Experience working in crisis or conflict settings in NNGOs or INGOs is highly desirable.



  • Strong leadership and personnel management skills.
  • Excellent organizational, multitasking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Profound understanding of confidentiality and ethical considerations in WOMEN PROTECTION (GBV)cases.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills, capable of maintaining strong relationships.
  • Proficient in both English and Arabic.


 Male\ Female


How to Apply

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