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Posted on 18 Sep, 2023
Closing on 23 Sep, 2023

Job Description

Position: Watsan Supervisor
Location: Hodeidah (Ad Dahi)
Contract Duration: 1 year with probation period and possibility of renewal

Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, humanitarian, non-governmental organization providing assistance to people in need as a result of natural and man-made disasters, irrespective of race, religion, ideology, or politics.

Main Purpose

Supporting the Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (Watsan) Manager in the implementation and supervision of Watsan activities, including tools and materials employed according to MSF standards and protocols, in order to improve health and living conditions of the target population


  • Ensuring the day-to-day implementation and administration of assigned Watsan activities at project level, including but not limited to,  water supply, excreta disposal, waste management, vector control, and dead bodies management
  • Ensuring that the MSF procedures and protocols are followed by the Watsan teams to guarantee the operational quality of the project;
  • Ensuring the maintenance and repair of technical equipment in the project to guarantee an adequate running of Watsan activities;
  • Ensuring the distribution of the materials and tools used in water treatment, hygiene and sanitation (e.g. physical organization and inventory of stocks, receiving and processing orders for water, sanitation and hygiene material, check that the amounts received are recorded, and check monthly consumptions, etc.);
  • Supporting the Watsan Manager in ensuring an appropriate emergency preparedness and response capacity (physical verification of stocks, contacts, transport means, staff training). Ensuring appropriate assistance to the project response team and if required, participating in emergency activities or exploratory visits
  • Supporting the Watsan Manager in the team planning (e.g. staff rosters and admin, HR processes, etc.) and informing and involving the Watsan Manager in case of any major management or technical issue, and providing all required reporting
  • Planning and supervising the HR processes (recruitment, training, performance evaluation, tasks definition and internal and external communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required for the activity
  • Participating in data collection and reporting as required

MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities

Technical Aspects

Prepare the WATSAN team rosters and follow up their physical working hours and performance such as waste management area operators, Reverse Osmosis team, water refilling, water distributors, laundry as exactly as the setup of the project in DAH.

Human Resources

Coach and support the WATSAN team to implement MSF WATSAN protocols and inform the line manager for any challenges with a plan of development and proper documented tracking.

  • Participate in the IPC trainings, meetings and provide the WATSAN inputs, presentations related to the watsan area.
  • Communicate regularly with the Mission Watsan Manager for any issues, recommendations, solutions to guarantee the best option to solve any WATSAN issues. 
  • Do the monthly WATSAN reports and send it to the Mission WATSAN and Log Manager.
  • Daily check the watsan agents’ performance on the daily tasks according to the protocols of waste segregation and elimination in line with the watsan technician.

Waste Management :

  • Ensure that waste operators are following the protocols in waste final treatment/disposals for all type of waste (soft waste in the incinerators, Ash pit, organic, organic pit, Sharps: needles in safety box reducer and glass in the crusher sharp pit).
  • Ensure that waste follow up sheet exists and is filled properly with all waste data according to the protocols.
  • Collaborate with IPC Supervisor and medical team to ensure the best waste segregation and waste buckets transportation, cleaning, and disinfectant.
  • Ensure that all waste area staffs are wearing the proper PPE according to MSF standards and only related staff who allowed to enter to the WMA.
  • Collaborate with medical team to ensure the destructions of any expired drugs (if exist) according to MSF standards/ protocols and always communicate with the Mission WATSAN Manager
  • Good follow-up of the filling levels of the different pits to be able to anticipate and plan emptying/new constructions in proper recording system. 
  • Follow up and ensuring the proper cleaning of the yard of the hospital is carried out by the external cleaners and always no garbage or waste accumulated in the yard zones, or even in the back of the hospital or health facilities.
  • Water trématent/ Borehole / Dosatron :
  • Follow up and ensure the availability of water in the hospital, ITFC, Outreach PHCs in term of quantity and quality, including drinking water bottles replacements in whole water dispensers.
  • Follow up and ensure to do regular water chemical and microbiology tests to ensure the best quality of the water and report any issues to the line manager.
  • Follow up and ensure to do the regular water tanks cleaning in whole MSF premises including the main underground water tanks and the three claim treatment water tanks.
  • Collaborate with the technician to do the regular preventive and corrective maintenance for the Dosatron and the water supply network of the hospital (leakages, breakdowns etc…). 
  • Follow up and ensure the amount of the free residual chlorine in the water according to MSF standards and repeat the jar test if necessary. 
  • Ensure the preparation of the chlorinated solution for the Dosatron daily. 

Sanitation :

  • Ensure that the sanitation system in all MSF facilities is working correctly by doing the regular check-ups and cleaning of the manholes and other wastewater facilities to avoid clogging (with reporting and proposals for improvements in case clogging is recurrent). 
  • Regular follow-up of the sanitation facilities to make sure that there is no leakage, water raising, uncovered ventilation pipes or damages covers (to avoid rainwater infiltration and have a good vector control).
  • General maintenance of MSF facilities in term of watsan and regular chronogram to check and implement any improvement needed for the whole system.

Vector Control :

  • Take corrective and preventive measurements for all types of vectors (rats, flies, cockroach etc.).
  • In collaboration with the IPC Supervisor and the Medical Team, ensure Indore Spraying (IRS) in properly done according to MSF standards and protocols and with ONLY validated insecticides (if needed).
  • Make sure all the PPEs and correct equipment are available and used during IRS.

Supply :

  • Manage the WATSAN items/spare parts stock (Washing machines, filters, Dosatron…).
  • Collaborate with LM and Mission Watsan Manager while preparing the physical inventory and consumption follow up for all Watsan items in order to prepare the international orders and have enough stock.
  • Collaborate and follow up with IPC to ensure to have enough chlorine according to the average consumption in the hospital.
  • Collaborate and follow up with IPC to ensure that chlorine and Surfanios solutions are prepared well, and all the points are filled regularly. 
  • Assist the LM or Mission WATSAN Manager to identify suppliers or contractors for WATSAN activities/items. 

Kitchin :

  • Follow up with Cooks of Kitchen and ensure the proper hygiene condition in the kitchen and the separate cycle that the cooking area is separated from the washing area.
  • Ensure the usage and the availability of the PPE for all Kitchen staff including hair cover, boots, aprons, ..etc. 
  • Follow up with Cooks of Kitchen the proper storage consumption/condition for the kitchen food (no food in the floor), fridge, temperature, ventilation, vector measures.
  • Collaborate with Medical team and ensure the quantity/delivery of the food match the validated list and the number of the patients. 

HTI installation andoperation:

  • Ensure that the watsan techncian operate the HTI in proper way and has the possible trianing and knolwedge to be able to operate it.
  • Plan and do the maintneace of the HTI in line with the watsan techncian and have a good stock of the spare parts for the maintenace.
  • Follow up and report any challenge during the installation of the HTI( high temprature Incinerator).


  • Prepare a chronongram of the watsan activities sat the project and update it regualrly.
  • Participate in the weekly log meeting with the concerned updates and data of watsan activities, IPC meeting and others based on the need.
  • Keep respect of communication line and present the updated data.
  • Visit regualrly the PHCs , monitor, evaulate and implement the improvements.
  • Implement and communicate the techncial visits recommnedaiton on time.


  • Education: Technical diploma in watsan, equal years of experience working with MSF in or other NGOs in watsan field.
  • Experience: 2 years previous experience in technical works in watsan field and capable of organizing and communication of multiple activities, preferably within MSF or similar work environment.
  • Languages: Mission language essential, local language desirable
  • Knowledge: Computer literacy


  • Results and Quality Orientation 
  • Team work and Cooperation 
  • Behavioural Flexibility 
  • Commitment to MSF Principles 
  • Stress Management 

This job description may be amended in line with the activities or evolution of the Mission.
By signing, the employee acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and accepted this document.

How to Apply

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